About Trojans

Oh so sexy Trojan!

Handsome and Fit

There's no other warrior team in the world that has lasted longer , got the job done, gets people moving and exercising. Wanna hot body? You better work bitch. Did you want to loose weight be tone and feel great? You better get your ass up and start working it.  There's no better team that could get you to loose some fat from your body.

Trojan, green cake

Ode to thee Trojan God of War

If you ben to a Trojan High School, You need to visit this site.

Oden friend of the Trojans, welcoming you to thee warriors kingdom. 

Calling all Nordics, for the love of the fight. Jump into your plane, ready for the flight. 

Old man with your cane, shaman indeed. 

Seraphic women and men that grow with their tone fit bodies.

No Need To Fret

I hope your not scared of this website, there's different types of Trojans, I love the ones that exercise and are fit, there's the famous condom, security protection, weight loss plans, high schools. 

There's no spam here on this site, this is a collage of the beauty in Trojans that I see.

Those that are raised and grown around Trojans end up idolizing them instead of fearing something that mite never happen. 

Working It

Opening Your Door

Found the open door in the dark.

If you don't open it, there's no way for you to know what exists out in the open. Exercising indoors doesn't always create beauty. Beauty also happens in the brain when the eyes see the great outdoors. Example:hiking or biking, walking around your neighborhood or nature park. No need to thirst for beauty,just look for it.

Did You Bring Your BackPack?

Don't forget your backpack , even for short hikes.

If your hiking with a pack, the extra weight helps your muscles burn calories. As if your walking with weights. Unless your the type that go for walks with flip-flops. Then your probly not fit or strong like a Trojan.

Mean Green Coffee Bean

Green plant of painless joy

Healthy green stuff? I'd rather drink it than eat it, how about you? Pain relief for muscle strain and pain. Comes from the green earth to which we walk on.

We are what we eat and drink.

Beauty secrets indeed.

Beauty of Music

Music beauty divine , soul of a Trojan.

Everybody needs the perfect exercise track, music that gets your feet moving. From the sounds of nature to the ultimate dance track, dub n' bass. Lift yo feet and stand up straight soldier!

Bikes are powered by you

Exercise with bikes for muscles burning fat quicker.

Power Up! As people feel free on bike rides is indeed a beauty secret used by Trojans. There's something beautiful about bike riding, feeling the wind, watching the scenery, hearing music or nature sounds. Click here for Bikes with great deals.

Talk to me

Watching the sun set, real life picture in arizona.

There's no social media here involved. If you want to reach me, its available below to contact me. I exercise, how about you? I don't always like to have a fb for everybody to see. So not sorry.

Contact Me

Beauty Of Muscle Power

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More Beauty Secrets Available soon!

Do you have a question or concern? Most likely you won't contact me, but I exist, living around the border wondering why people want to move to Arizona? Why did I even move here, to this gigantic city? The hot stinging dust heat, makes it so I have to drive two hours away to go hiking and biking. But, its worth it. Ode Ye Trojans hot bodies delight. 

Warriors with Beauty Divine